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Does the phrase “What you don’t know won’t hurt you” seem familiar? Well, it certainly isn’t true when it comes to your home’s duct systems. Although you can’t see ductwork in general, it’s there and it’s critical to the comfort and efficiency of your home’s air conditioning during those hot summer days.

A duct system is generally referred to as the air distribution system for your air conditioner. These ducts are long tube-like tunnels that snake around your home in between floors and ceilings, eventually reaching each room’s register to deliver warm or cool air. Poorly insulated duct systems can contribute to airflow problems. Signs of leaky ducts include dirt, dust or condensation around the air return grilles.


Airflow problems usually stem from a lack of proper insulation. When ducts are poorly insulated, air leaks out, leading to increased energy output and poor air flow into the home. When this happens, you end up spending a lot more money on energy bills. When ducts are in unconditioned areas, the same scenario occurs. Improving the poorly insulated ducts and insulating these spaces are generally cost-effective ways to improve air flow and energy use.

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Leaky duct systems occur when connections and joints are loose. Condensation around the air return grilles may occur if there is a duct leaking cold air in the attic near the boot that connects to the grille. As the air conditioner blows cool air through the ducts, these leaks cause a decrease in air flow pressure and valuable conditioned air escapes, resulting in a hotter, uncomfortable room. In addition, the air conditioning has to work harder and longer to cool your home.

Ductwork Repair: When to Get It

Duct repairs become necessary when your home or office building begins to have cold spots during winter months or hot spots during summer months. It could be an indication that not enough heated or cool air is reaching certain sections of the ductwork. This could be because of a blocked or leaky duct. If the heating and air conditioning system feels as if it’s slowing down, becoming less effective and ends up being unable to cool or heat a space that it once did easily, this could mean that there is a duct problem that needs to be addressed with repairs.

It’s definitely good to call in a professional to repair those duct systems. Common methods for sealing ducts involved commercial HVAC tape and mastic. But if the ducts are really old, leaky and lack adequate insulation, then the best option may be to upgrade to new, insulated flex ducts.

Once you know that the air you pay to heat and cool is not being lost through bad ductwork, “out of sight, out of mind” will have real meaning.

Our experienced technicians have the know-how needed to repair your ductwork, making sure it’s properly sealed and insulated for optimal home energy efficiency. By repairing your ducts, you’ll likely save money on your cooling and heating bills, and your home comfort will improve as well.

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