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HVAC is an acronym for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. This is a system that cleans your air and provides cool or warm air, depending on your climate needs. HVAC systems are installed by certified Climate Partners technicians and are valued for their energy saving principles. More and more homes are relying on an HVAC system in their home to control the air.

Energy Conservation

Initial investments for an HVAC system may be higher than a typical gas furnace, but the long-term energy saving benefits are noticeable each month. The HVAC system has both cooling and heating in one unit, and this saves much construction space, installation time and fees as well as required power usage. The system is also run by renewable energy, which sometimes comes in the form of solar panels. Energy conservation is better since the coolant is nonchlorine-based, which happens to deplete the ozone layer.

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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality may be two to five times worse than outdoor air, because the air flow tends to become congested. The polluted air within your home causes colds to linger longer and allergies to become more severe. Installing an HVAC system can significantly improve air quality by consistently exchanging outdoor air with fresh, indoor air that is filtered for the best quality.

Moisture Consistency

Whether you live in a climate that changes drastically every three to four months, or if you live in a climate that remains constant, your home is always subject to moisture retention. Since the air inside your home does not circulate properly and is rarely exchanged with the cooler, drier air outside when it is applicable, your home may be prone to mold growth or mildew inside the walls and under floors. To reduce the chances of mold growth, which also causes health concerns and structural damage over time, the HVAC system consistently pulls moist, warm air out and sends dry, cool air inside in exchange.

Benefits of HVAC

Cost savings. If you replace an older system with a high efficiency one, it can save literally thousands of dollars in fuel costs. Many older systems operate around 65% AFUE (annual fuel utilization effiency) with the remaining 35% lost. New high efficency systems offer AFUE ratings well over 90%, which is great for both your bottom line and the environment. In this way, high efficiency systems often pay for themselves in a few years or less.

Peace and quiet. The high-tech sound absorbing materials in modern high efficiency systems make operating noise non-existent, compared to older models. This ensures that your HVAC system is felt, but not heard.

Longer operating life. As high efficiency systems minimize on-and-off cycling, they typically require less extreme repairs (when properly maintained) and will last longer than lower efficiency systems.

Environmental impact. In this aspect, what's good for your home and wallet is also good for the Earth. These high-efficiency systems use one-third less fuel as compared to older models, which means less waste and better conservation of natural resources.

Increased resale value. When evaluating a property, prospective home buyers must consider the quality of a home’s HVAC system and the cost of operating it. Installing a high efficiency heating and cooling system raises the value of your home and may even help you sell it faster.

Aside from supplying HVAC systems we also specialize in air sealing, air conditioning, ductworkheatinginsulation, home energy evaluation and windows & doors.

We here at Climate Partners are proud to supply effective and high-quality products from brands such as Generac, Bradford White, Carrier and Rheem to provide the best quality HVAC systems and other products for your home. All of Rheem’s commercially manufactured HVAC systems are made with high-quality materials that will definitely fit all your needs. For the best heating systems in the surrounding areas of Fairfield and New Haven Counties, CTcontact Climate Partners today by dialing: 860-325-4143 or visiting our contact page here!

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