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When your home has more dry air than it should, chances are, you and your family will suffer from problems like static shock and dry skin. This usually happens during the winter months when cold, dry air is abundant due to the weather. When this happens, people often turn towards humidifiers to address the problem, not knowing that the solution is actually air sealing.

What is Air Sealing and What Can it Do?

Air sealing is the act of finding the leaks in your home, and taking care of these to create a living space that maintains the right temperature and humidity during different seasons. Air leakage points can be found all over your home – from the attic, to your crawlspaces, to the walls, to the basement. Finding these and taking care of these can help get rid of air leakage which often leads to dry air taking over your home in the winter.

Air sealing is a way to help homes reduce air leakage, which can cause problems such as dry air and drafts. When you use air sealing on your home, you not only eliminate these problems, but also help reduce your energy consumption. This is because you won’t have to worry about hot air from your heating system leaking outside, and cold dry air entering your home, which may prompt you to use a humidifier, which also uses energy to function.

Understanding the Benefits of Air Sealing vs Humidifiers


Cold dry air dries things out. It sucks out the moisture from food, from your skin, and from everything else that is moist. If you are trying to dry clothes, this would probably be an ideal situation, but if you are trying to avoid losing moisture and to stay properly hydrated, keeping cold dry air out is the ideal solution. A humidifier is only a temporary, and somewhat costly, remedy to problems with cold dry air entering your home. Air sealing is a more cost and energy efficient solution.

To compare, take for instance food in your refrigerator. If you leave these out without covering these, you end up with dry, cold food that is unpalatable. If you add water to it, it may hydrate it a bit, but it won’t have the same kind of moisture it had before the cold air dried it out. If you put the food in a sealed container, however, it will retain its moisture and original texture, without you needing to add in water to restore whatever liquids it may have lost. That is essentially what makes air sealing way better than using humidifiers to address lost moisture in the air of your home.

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