New Installation Testimonial from Andrew & Irene

a handwritten testimonial letter from satisfied clients

Andrew and Irene are so thankful for the job Climate Partners did on their new home installations.

Before signing any contracts, they were quoted estimates from five different companies. Bob, the first Climate Partners associate they met, was so knowledgeable and understanding of the customers needs and he was willing to take the time to explain the nature of the units and installations to the homeowners while taking pride in his company. Largely because of his mannerisms and professionalism, they decided to sign the contract even though there quoted two prices lower than Climate Partners.

There was a young associate named Mat at Climate Partners that the couple was particularly fond of. Mat always answered their calls and questions or made sure to forward the messages to the right people. Eventually, Bob was sent to their home to begin working on the installation with AJ.

Irene and Andrew were so pleased when the installers showed up and they're proud to admit that from start to finish, their workmanship, knowledge and personalities were outstanding in every way. They were polite, courteous, well-mannered, and completed their tasks in incredible speed and accuracy. They took care and precaution of the customers property while installation was being done on heavy-units, bulky ducts and A/C. They wasted no time and the homeowners said that in the last 35-40 years working with various contractors and employees, Bob and AJ, rate in the top 5% and they're exceptionally good at dealing with customers questions and concerns.

All was going really well until after the second day of installations. Bob and AJ were standing by while the unit was turned on but there was no cool air. Bob called American Standard and learned that there's a special shut down system that must be turned on in the outside unit for all platinum series units. Luckily, this solved the problem and the unit began producing cool air. Then a problem occurred inside the unit causing a whistle and loud whine that couldn't be eliminated, which lead them to Ron Palumbo.

There were trying moments but after speaking with Ron, the homeowners Irene and Andrew decided they would hold back on the final payment of $7,050 until they could straighten the unfortunate problem out. Ron and Bob tried several remedies but none of them worked. Ron decided to ask if Mr. Plenzio from Portland WestAir could check out problem, and he gladly did. Mr. Plenzio brought along his senior technical technician, Jeff and they went over the entire system installation with Ron. After a thorough examination, they suggested adding one more return to the system and to change the returns and grille, and the homeowners requested Bob and AJ complete the revision. Bob happily went to complete the work with Bob Palace's system turned on, and it worked like a charm.

Andrew and Irene said Climate Partners' production manager, Mr. Palumbo did an outstanding job working with them, his crews and West Air all while keeping the customers' satisfaction in mind. The couple thanked him for everything while keeping Climate Partners best interest as his top priority, as it should be.

Prior to placing their order, Andrew and Irene checked with the Better Business Bureau, who said Climate Partners had been established for 20 years and there were only 10 complaints in 10 years, and 6 were found not to be receivable due to a lack of customer data, and those customers were not resolved. So the homeowners sent BBB a copy of this letter as a satisfied customer, without any requests to do so.

They also checked with the Milford Chamber of Commerce and said Connie gave her comments concerning Climate Partners saying they had been a good standing member of the Milford Chamber of Commerce for 20 years, and the amount of good work they do with the community is undeniable. Connie had much to say of the exceptional work and good will they provide to the community and to all concerned.

The happy homeowners wanted to sincerely thank Climate Partners and all involved for a job well done and let them know they would recommend Climate Partners to anyone and remain a customer for many years to come.

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