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Job completed for Mathew B

Completion date: March 24, 2016

Location: West Hartford, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

Oil To Gas Conversion

Matthew was looking for a contractor to come out after work on a flexible time like a weekday evening or Saturday so it did not interfere with his work. I came out on a Tuesday after 6:00pm and a Saturday at 1:00 for a wrap up. The customer wanted the best value at the lowest cost with a flexible payment term.

The customer also wanted high efficiency with out being to expensive. At first he was looking to pay cash.

Solutions provided:

We presented a heating system That was high efficiency and got all the Connecticut utility rebates. I installed an Energy Kinetics Accel CS 96% Gas Boiler, removed the old system and installed the new system in a quick fashion. I removed the oil and donated it to a non profit in his name. I came out on a Thursday and finished the job Friday with all inspections and coordination achieved with Gas Utility and oil tank removal company for a complete job.

The customer thought the best method of payment was cash but I showed him a flexible finance program with a low 2.99% interest from the utility company which made the purchase with no financial burden on him and his family.

Customer Testimonial

"David helped me with a high efficiency boiler and hot water system. He made my purchase easy with a very flexible payment plan. Installers were clean, neat and very fast."

Photos & Videos:

old boiler system

old boiler system

new boiler installation

new boiler installation

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