Job completed for Marjorie H

Completion date: January 18, 2016

Customer type: Residential

Location: West Hartford, CT

Why did the customer contact us?

West Hartford Gas Boiler Install

Marjorie was without heat and this was the middle of winter. Due to this unexpected breakdown of the boiler the house flooded and froze from the boiler failing. She needed a company that could work rapidly and install her heating system.

What challenges did we face?

She needed a company that work quickly and effectively with many parties to get the install replacement to happen rapidly like the bank insurance company town and gas company. She also needed a diverse company to take care of heating and plumbing issues as the house was frozen we needed to thaw the house replace heating system, radiators, and domestic plumbing pipes and fixtures.

Solutions provided:

Climate Partners presented a heating system that met her budget and the specs of the town and insurance company. We installed a crown Aruba Boiler to replace her old oversized gas boiler system. Climate Partners technicians pressure checked all gas pipes for safe and proper use. We replaced radiators in the house that were damaged. We also replaced 2 waste water drains in the house and a sink fixture.

The new system will save her 30% in gas because of the higher efficiency it has over the old system.

We worked quickly and closely with insurance company and bank to expedite her financing with a flexible program.

We coordinated with the gas company, water company and building inspector to get the install started quickly and inspected so she could return to her home.

Customer Testimonial:

David helped me with all aspects of the work. He was instrumental in getting me the financing from the bank. He worked with my insurance company to get the claim processed and finalized. David also new what to do with every step at what time. The building inspector for West Hartford told me it was the smoothest installation and the best install he has ever seen.

Thanks to David and Rocco the installer I can have my home back.

Photos & Videos:

broken down boiler

broken down boiler

burst pipes from freezing temperatures

burst pipes from freezing temperatures

new boiler system installation

new boiler system installation

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