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Elaine B
Cos Cob, CT
April 25, 2016

Performed 14-point cooling maintenance on a 6 year old Lennox Central A/C.  Confirmed tstat properly cycled system on & off; changed filter; cleaned condensate line and confirmed it was draining properly; checked & tightened all electrical connections; checked refrigerant charge to ensure proper operation; checked all safety controls to make sure system remained safe & ran all summer without breaking down.

Once the maintenance was compelte our technician - who is a 30+ year old veteran of the HVAC Industry - sat with the customer to review all of the 14-points of our Tune-Up and our customer Failure Guard Assessment form so she knew exactly what we had checked and what the condition of her system was.  He also showed her where all of the components were and how to control them.

Greg G
Windsor Locks, CT
April 24, 2016

We have comfort consultants available to meet customer 24/7 to review their comfort concerns and provide them with pricing & options.  Sent a comfort consultant out Sunday at 3pm.  Comfort consultant did a detailed load calculation, reviewed possible system layouts, and provided estimate on the spot for both Central A/C and Ductless split system - which was not an option customer was thinking of.  

Marc and Coleen S
West Hartford, CT
April 12, 2016

We presented a heating system that met their budget. They needed asbestos removal and a oil tank removed, so we presented the Energy Kinetics Accel CS 96% gas boiler and hot water heater system. We had the boiler and oil tank removed on the same day, and we had the gas utility show up and do a compete install of gas piping in the same day as the boiler install.

We presented the CT energize loan that allowed them to only pay 10% out of pocket and the rest was financed at a low 2.99%. With the new gas boiler savings over the old system and with the low monthly payment I was able to create a cash surplus monthly in their household budget. The Energy Kinetics state of the art energy savings is what gave them this savings opportunity. The CTEnergize loan program made it easy to apply and get.

Customer Testimonial

"The install team and Climate Partners took a complicated expensive job and turned it into a smooth low cost solution"

Mathew B
West Hartford, CT
March 24, 2016

We presented a heating system That was high efficiency and got all the Connecticut utility rebates. I installed an Energy Kinetics Accel CS 96% Gas Boiler, removed the old system and installed the new system in a quick fashion. I removed the oil and donated it to a non profit in his name. I came out on a Thursday and finished the job Friday with all inspections and coordination achieved with Gas Utility and oil tank removal company for a complete job.

The customer thought the best method of payment was cash but I showed him a flexible finance program with a low 2.99% interest from the utility company which made the purchase with no financial burden on him and his family.

Customer Testimonial

"David helped me with a high efficiency boiler and hot water system. He made my purchase easy with a very flexible payment plan. Installers were clean, neat and very fast."

Kevin P
Windsor Locks, CT
March 17, 2016

I presented a heating system and AC system that was an American Standard brand that was a low cost solution with the highest quality. I installed a AC and Furnace with a 10 year warranty. The customer had the install on a flexible time which was a Saturday. The install removal and clean up happened in one day.

Customer Testimonial

David helped me with all aspects of the work. The crews were fast clean and efficient with my install.

Noor A
Bristol, CT
January 18, 2016

Showed him what a proper size boiler and a proper install was that would eliminate failure. Showed him an Energy Kinetics System 2000 Frontier 88% boiler replacement. Showed him how the CTEnergize program made it affordable with low monthly payments and easy to purchase. Installed quickly and in just one day.

Customer Testimonial

David Showed me how to make the boiler replacement low cost and affordable. The heating system was high quality and the installers were great.

Marjorie H
West Hartford, CT
January 18, 2016

Climate Partners presented a heating system that met her budget and the specs of the town and insurance company. We installed a crown Aruba Boiler to replace her old oversized gas boiler system. Climate Partners technicians pressure checked all gas pipes for safe and proper use. We replaced radiators in the house that were damaged. We also replaced 2 waste water drains in the house and a sink fixture.

The new system will save her 30% in gas because of the higher efficiency it has over the old system.

We worked quickly and closely with insurance company and bank to expedite her financing with a flexible program.

We coordinated with the gas company, water company and building inspector to get the install started quickly and inspected so she could return to her home.

Customer Testimonial:

David helped me with all aspects of the work. He was instrumental in getting me the financing from the bank. He worked with my insurance company to get the claim processed and finalized. David also new what to do with every step at what time. The building inspector for West Hartford told me it was the smoothest installation and the best install he has ever seen.

Thanks to David and Rocco the installer I can have my home back.

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