Why You Should Have Your AC Serviced Before Summer

AC Serviced Before Summer.

After the cold winter months, the next challenge a homeowner must prepare for is the warm summer months. Making sure that your AC is in good condition before the heat arrives is essential to avoid being uncomfortable during the hot, humid days of summer.

In addition to having a functional AC when temperatures rise, there are other good reasons to service your system before summer. Some of those reasons include:

  • You might not get service immediately – Because AC units are used more frequently during summer, they tend to break down more often during this time of the year. If you neglected to have your AC checked when the weather was cooler, you might find yourself waiting for hours to have your AC serviced when it malfunctions on a hot summer day. Having your AC checked and serviced before summer will help ensure your comfort all summer long.
  • Your energy consumption will go up – Not having your AC serviced before you use it on a regular basis can leave you with mounting energy bills. Think of it in terms of a car that has never had a tune-up. When you use your car constantly and it has not been serviced, chances are good that your gas consumption goes up because it is not functioning as efficiently as it can. The same goes for your AC. If you have your AC checked before summer arrives, you can have it tuned up for constant use, which will lower your energy bills throughout the summer.
  • You avoid expensive repairs – When your HVAC malfunctions in the height of summer, you might find yourself with higher repair rates. Some repairmen boost their service rates to capitalize on the increase in their demand during the summer. To avoid this, regular AC maintenance before summer arrives should be on your annual to-do list.

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