How to Save Money on Electric Bills in the Winter

How to Save Money on Electric Bills in the WinterWith the ongoing impact of climate change, winters are becoming colder. This creates an issue with rising energy costs to compensate for the cooler temperatures.

In the winter, the colder the temperature gets, the more you will want to crank up your heater. What this does is raise your energy consumption, and with that comes the spike in energy bills. How do you remedy such a situation without having to endure cold days and nights?

Energy Saving Tips for the Cold Winter Months

To help you save money during winter, without having to wear thick coats and thermal underwear in your home the whole time, here are some tips that you can use:

Let the light in when the sun is out – When the sun shines, let it into your home for added heat. Roll up the shades and blinds, open your curtains, and part the drapes on all the windows facing the sun. This will not only bring in added heat from the sun’s rays but will also brighten up your home with natural sunlight. Just make sure to close your windows and blinds once the sun goes down.

Lower thermostats at night – You may be thinking this is not the right time to lower the temperature on a cold winter night, but this is actually a smart energy saving tip because you will be under thick blankets when you sleep. Invest in thick flannel blankets to keep yourself warm at night and save up to 10% in energy bills every year with such a move.

Choose the rooms that you heat – Heating only the rooms that you and your family use regularly can save you up to $200 in energy bills annually. If you don’t use your guest rooms and don’t access your storage rooms frequently, close off the vents in these areas to save on energy. This will redirect most of the heated air into the rooms that you do use frequently and will allow you to lower your thermostat to an energy-saving level.

Invest in a humidifier – This actually provides two benefits. Because cold air can be dry, it can damage wood furniture, not to mention cause nosebleeds and other health issues. With a humidifier, you get warm moist air and humidity can help you keep warm even when you lower your thermostat to a reasonable degree.

These are just a few things you can do to help reduce energy costs during winter and to help you fight rising energy bills. One other thing you can do to ensure that your energy consumption is not unreasonably high during this time of the year is to have your heating checked and repaired before winter arrives.

Climate Partners Hartford Can Help with Heating System Maintenance

To ensure that you do get to heat your home properly during winter without jacking up your energy bills, you need to have your heating system serviced annually. Having your HVAC system on a maintenance plan will help you prevent any damage to your heating and cooling, which in turn translates to lower energy bills. In Hartford, CT, the company to trust with all your HVAC concerns is Climate Partners Hartford.

Aside from helping you properly maintain your HVAC systems, we can also install new furnaces, ductless heat pumps, and other more energy efficient heating systems. Contact us today to find out how we can help you by calling 860-325-4143. We can have one of our specialists assess your heating needs and give you an estimate.



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