Are Ductless Mini-Splits The Right Choice?

Are Ductless Mini-Splits The Right Choice? Are Ductless Mini-Splits The Right Choice?


If you are thinking of getting a new AC for your home, you should consider a ductless mini-split system. This is a system that is great for homes that don’t have any ductwork. It is also a great choice for those who want to have ACs in each room but don’t want to install individual window units in them.

As great as a ductless mini-split can be, is it the right one for you? To help you determine the answer, here are some benefits of such a system:

  • It gives each person control of their own AC – While considered a somewhat centralized system, a ductless mini-split gives each person control over how warm or how cool their part of the home is. This is due to the individual air handlers and thermostats incorporated into the system in a zoned cooling approach.
  • Easier to install than a ducted system – This alternative to a ducted system is easier to install because you don’t have to add ductwork in order to have a centralized cooling system for your home. That makes it cheaper and easier to install than a centralized AC system. The conduits of a mini-split system that pump cool air into your home via your air handlers require only a 3-inch hole through your walls.
  • More energy efficient – One problem with a central AC system is the possibility of leaks in the ducts that may require additional work, such as duct sealing and duct repairs or replacement. With a ductless mini-split, you won’t need to worry about air leaks and paying huge utility bills for an inefficient cooling system.

Aside from these benefits, a ductless mini-split system also looks nice in any home since it comes with a wall-mounted unit for each area of your house. You also don’t need multiple exterior units for a ductless mini-split since all of the interior units can be connected to a single exterior unit.

When you decide that you want to have a ductless mini-split air-conditioning system installed in your home in Hartford, CT, be sure and contact Climate Partners Hartford. We are a company that specializes in air-conditioning installation, heating installation, and other heating and cooling solutions. Apart from these services, we also offer home energy evaluation for homeowners who are thinking of having their homes converted into more energy efficient ones.

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